Joanna Czub was born in Poznan, Poland, and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.  She is a full time artist who holds two undergraduate degrees, one in Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from Ontario College of Art and Design University and one in Psychology from University of Toronto.  Joanna started drawing and painting at the age of six and has been perfecting her artistic skills for over 25 years.  Joanna’s mother is a Toronto-based artist who has been a constant source of traditional artistic training for Joanna, backed by an MFA degree from the Fine Art Academy in Poznan, Poland.  Such structured and rigorous artistic preparation has given Joanna a solid base upon which to expand her creative vocabulary while working on her BFA at OCAD University.  Joanna’s European education and background are a strong influence in her realistic and traditional approach to painting, which she applies to all of her subject matters (figure, fabrics, nature and still life).  Joanna’s primary mediums of expression are oil paints and charcoal/pastels.

Joanna Czub is currently represented by:

Westmount Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (www.westmountgallery.com)

Koyman Galleries, Ottawa, Ontario (www.koymangalleries.com)

Wall Hop Online Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (http://wallhop.com/artists/joanna-czub/)


BFA, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Ontario
Major: Drawing and Painting (graduating with Distinction)

BSc, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Major: Psychology (graduating with Hight Distinction)
Minor: Art History